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Benefits of dog crate training and choosing the right crate!

The majority of breeders, trainers and veterinarians recommend crate training from a young age due to being a useful tool to help train puppies, providing a safe place for senior dogs, whilst also being helpful in the event of emergencies! Although a dog owner may feel reluctant to use a crate or feel guilty, dogs instinctively seek small spaces and shelters to feel protected whilst they relax and rest. Crates provide dogs with a familiar place to rest and retreat to when they find themselves in situations that they find distressing or chaotic in bustling households. Everyone needs their own private space to relax and recharge including your pet! A dog crate provides a cosy place that belongs just to your dog.

If you want your dog to crate happily, then it should never be used as a punishment

Benefits of Crate Training

  • Crates provide a safe, quiet place for puppies or rescue dogs in their new environment.

  • Gives your dog a place to go when tired, nervous or stressed.

  • Crates assist with toilet training, as dogs do not like to soil their sleeping quarters.

  • Crates help teach a bedtime routine.

  • Dogs are less likely to have complications following surgery or aggravate injuries if they are crate trained.

  • Crate training assists senior dogs providing them with a restful haven to rest their joints.

  • Crates can help insecure dogs feel more relaxed as they have less territory to protect.

  • Provides short-term confinement: For example, if you're not around to supervise them.

Choosing the Right Crate

Your dog's crate should be big enough for them to stand up, turn around lie down and stretch in. The dimensions will depend on the size of your dog. It is recommended getting a crate that is big enough for your puppy to grow into and therefore you may need to think about the size of the crate they will need fully grown. The materials must be safe for your dog and allow for sufficient air flow. If your dog prefers to sleep in the dark, you may want to consider wooden end panels rather than bars on the side, to create a more enclosed feel. Having a more open den style crate like our Louie Bedroom may benefit some dogs who want to safe space to feel secure without feeling enclosed by doors. After you’ve identified what size crate you need, measure the area of your home where the crate will be kept to make sure it fits. You will also need to consider access points to make sure your crate fits through your front door and into your room of choice! Our online shop sells crates that come in several sizes. If you would like to create your own custom design or have one designed to specific measurements or shape, please use our custom design form to receive a quotation!



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