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Who We Are

Pawardise is dedicated to creating tranquil and safe spaces for pets while seamlessly integrating functional furniture into your home. As pet lovers ourselves, we understand the significance of our furry companions. Our bespoke pet furniture solutions blend pet safety with home aesthetics, ensuring that your pets receive the very best. With our three beloved pugs—Bertie, Louie, and Elvis—we appreciate the importance of providing a beautiful and comfortable space for your pets. Explore Pawardise for unique pet furniture that harmonizes with your home decor and caters to your pet’s needs. 


Pawardise is on a mission—to create exquisite dog furniture that seamlessly combines pet safety with home style. Our bespoke pieces offer a tranquil haven for your furry friends while enhancing your living space. 

Pawardise was indeed founded with a clear purpose: to offer bespoke luxury pet furniture that seamlessly integrates into your home while providing your beloved pets with their own slice of Pawardise!

Louie Bedroom 4.jpg
Bertie Bedroom Luxury Wooden  Dog Crate- Pawardise

What We Do

Our exquisite, handcrafted luxury dog crates seamlessly blend practicality with style. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these crates are made from sustainably sourced materials within our workshop—an old farm building nestled on the outskirts of Chester. As fellow pet owners, we genuinely prioritize your pets’ needs and comfort. Our passion for exceptional craftsmanship shines through, and we take immense pride in delivering outstanding quality and exceptional customer service.

The furniture itself is crafted from sustainably sourced FSC-approved redwood, a 100% natural wood. Oak worktops and solid Oak drawers with dovetail joints add durability and elegance. You’ll have the freedom to choose from a variety of finishes, colors, and ironmongery options—whether you prefer rustic matte black, beautiful copper, or modern silver spindles. Our pet furniture receives its final touch with Farrow & Ball, a luxurious, pigmented paint that imparts a unique depth of color, creating a magnificent finish

Bespoke Custom Designs

“In addition to the customizable designs available for purchase in our online store, we also offer a fully bespoke custom build service for our clients. With our experience in the fitted furniture industry and our own pets, Pawardise understands that clients and their pets may have unique requirements. We are committed to working closely with you to create a beautiful custom piece

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What Our Clients Say

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