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Our Mission & Values

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Our Mission

Pawardise is an independent business bringing bespoke pet furniture solutions to the market, that help people combine both pet safety and home furnishings. We therefore have one mission, "To craft beautiful dog furniture that provides a safe space for your pets, combined with style for your home".

Our Values

Pawardise has 6 values!

  • Deliver Wow: Pawardise aims to exceed our clients expectations in terms of the customer service that we provide and with our products.

  • Be Creative: We will always strive to be creative!

  • Pursue growth and learning: Pawardise understands that learning, growth and development are essential for the sustainability of any business and to address any challenges or opportunities that come our way. 

  • Build honest and open relationships: This includes potential clients, our own clients, other organisations and the local community.

  • Be passionate: Pawardise is extremely passionate about what we do and always will be!

  • Cater to each client's needs: Having experience in the fitted furniture industry and having pets of our own, Pawardise fully understand that clients and their pets may have different requirements.

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