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If you’re interested in designing bespoke furniture for one or more pets but aren’t sure where to begin, we’re here to help! Whether you have a rough concept or a clear vision, we’ll collaborate with you to create a beautiful custom piece that fits seamlessly into your home

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“Are you seeking inspiration for a custom furniture build? Consider using alternative woods, a different worktop, or specific colors to match your existing room decor. Think about features like removable dividers if the furniture is for multiple pets. Do you have a specific space, such as an alcove, where you want the furniture placed? Perhaps you’d like wine racks or plan to turn the piece into an office desk with pet-friendly space. Share your ideas with us!

IMPORTANT: Don't forget, when considering the measurements for your new furniture, to take into consideration access points and any internal door widths that the furniture will need to be carried through to reach its final location within your home. 

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